3M N100 mask

In additional N95 masks, 3M also professional in N100 masks. 3M n100 mask can provide more protection efficiency than 3M n95 masks. Most influencial product is 8233 n100 mask. Instocking LLC also selected various N100 masks and KN100 masks from other brand. Users can look through and choose the best one for themselves.

N100 mask vs n95

Are you still confused about what is n100 masks and want to figure out what is the difference between n95 and n100 masks.Please feel free to contact n100mask.com. Instocking LLC is professional in NIOSH mask.Follow n100mask.com, here we will tell you what n100 mask vs n95 it is. N100 mask filter out the specification about […]

What Is N100 Mask?

NIOSH N100 Mask Designed to help provide reliable respiratory protection, the filtration efficiency of certain non-oily particles reaches at least 99.97%. Non-oily particulates include: dust, smoke, smoke, steam, coal, iron ore, flour, wood, metal and pollen. Suitable for industrial areas and industrial users