Home Depot Offers N100 Masks to Help Keep You Safe


As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, Home Depot is doing its part to help keep people safe. The home improvement retailer is now offering N100 masks to customers in an effort to help protect them from the virus.

The N100 masks are designed to provide superior protection against airborne particles, including those that may be carrying the virus. The masks are made of a lightweight, breathable material and feature a secure fit that helps to keep the mask in place. The masks also feature adjustable straps for a comfortable fit.

Home Depot is offering the masks in packs of five for $19.99. The masks are available in stores and online, and customers can also purchase them in bulk for larger orders.

The N100 masks are just one of the many ways Home Depot is helping to keep customers safe during the pandemic. The retailer has also implemented a number of safety measures in its stores, including social distancing, increased cleaning and sanitization, and the use of face coverings.

Home Depot is committed to helping customers stay safe during the pandemic, and the N100 masks are just one of the many ways the retailer is doing so. With the masks, customers can feel confident that they are doing their part to help protect themselves and others from the virus.